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Lawrence Barrett

LAWRENCE BARRETT, Instructor/Artist

Lawrence Barrett Lithography Class 1940 from the FAC archives

Lawrence Barrett was a lithographer and an instructor in the medium at the Fine Arts Center. He also managed its studio, printing limited editions of lithographs for established artists and their students. In 1920, Barrett had enrolled as a student at the Broadmoor Art Academy, after contracting tuberculosis in Kansas; Colorado Springs had a national reputation for its treatment facilities and its restorative climate. At the BAA, Barrett studied with Robert Reid, John F. Carlson, Randall Davey and Ernest Lawson. He learned lithography from Charles Locke at the FAC school in the summer of 1936. By the fall, Barrett did all the printing at the FAC, collaborating with such artists as George Biddle, Edgar Britton, Jean Charlot, Doris Lee, Randall Davey, Adolf Dehn, Henry Varnum Poor, Peppino Mangraite and more. From 1938-1952, Barrett was an instructor of lithography and etching and was known for his meticulousness. In 1940, he received a Guggenheim Foundation fellowship to study the technique of lithography printing.