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Bemis Winter/Spring 2010 Classes

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Bemis School of Art Winter/Spring 2010

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Painting the Soul

1-Day Workshops with Lance Green

The style of painting is expressionism, which is a very free and uninhibited way of working with acrylic paints that allows the student to bypass the limitations of objectivity and paint in a total subjective manner. The first working segment of the class involves applying the underpainting with random colors, shapes and strokes. The second segment starts with examining and absorbing the initial impressions contained in the underpainting, appreciating and observing the colors, layers and most importantly subconscious images revealed. The final product is always a fine example of colorist and expressionist work, but more importantly has opened up a connection between the artist and his/her psyche. Ages 16-Adult

SGA1 Green $83 (Members $68)
Tue 1/26 6:00-9:00pm

SGA2 Green $83 (Members $68)
Sat 2/27 9:00am-12:00pm

Lance GreenAbout Lance Green
Lance Green is a Colorist and an Expressionist, but more than that a storyteller. Many of his works are a self-portrait of sorts, but all are universal in their application, expressing the human paradox of grace and despair. There is a dark whimsey, and anxious optomism in the work that speaks a secret language that brings one to rest deeply in the sound conviction of an ultimate redemption of all things.

Green was born in Denver in 1953 and was raised there until age nine. For the next few years he moved around the Southwest with his mother and stepfather, living in the high country of the Colorado Rockies, the Texarkana Bayou and the Deserts of New Mexico and Arizona where he became immersed in Native Art and Culture. During the summers Lance lived with his father and stepmother, Norwegian painter Chris Christopherson, who taught him to paint and was also a big influence in his love of art, especially modern art.

As a teen his family settled in the East Los Angeles area, where they remained throughout his high school and college years. It was there that he developed his love of Latin Art and Culture. It was also there that his high school art teacher, Linda Stevens, took an interest in him and gave him the instruction and guidance needed to set his life course as an artist. He majored in Fine Arts at Rio Hondo College in East LA and went on to be a fixture in the Southbay LA art scene until his move to Colorado in 2004. He now resides on the West Side of Colorado Springs and paints at his studio in the Garman Museum/ Studios.

In the late 1990s Lance did an intensive series of one on one workshops with the late contemporary Master Fritz Scholder. Other influences include Da Vinci, Carravagio, Durer, Alfons Mucha, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne, Monet, Fredrick Remington, Kandinsky, Klee, the Fauves, De Kooning, Basquait, the San Francisco Figurative Expressionists, especially Nathan Oliviera and Richard Deibekorn. The Latin Masters, esp. Laura Hernandez, Rufino Tamayo, and a host of others serve as great influences as well. However, influences aside, Lance is a pioneer in the world of contemporary painting , exploring worlds previously uncharted.

Lance shows at Walden Fine Art in Taos and Handsel Gallery in Santa Fe,New Mexico, Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Business of Art Center in Manitou Springs, Colorado and Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen, Colorado.

Alien Landscapes: Explore our solar system’s mysterious landscapes though art

Six-Week Class with Monica Petty Aiello

Over the last several decades, we have sent robotic explorers to the many planets and moons within our solar system. These spacecraft have returned amazing remote sensing images revealing awe-inspiring new vistas. Be guided on a visual tour of the solar system and learn about the basic geology on distant worlds. This course will explore both planetary science and art making inspired by alien terrains. The instructor will work individually with each student to develop their creative ideas and assist with variety of materials and techniques. Supply List. Ages 16-Adult.

SGA3 Aiello $146 (Members $131)
Sat 6-wks 1/30-3/13 10:00am-12:00pm
No class 3/6

Monica Petty AielloAbout Monica Petty Aiello
Artist Monica Petty Aiello was born in Houston, Texas in 1971 and spent her youth in Austin.  She took a long and winding path to the visual arts, which ultimately served as a way to weave her diverse interests together. Growing up in a family of mathematicians and computer scientists, Monica’s first childhood love was that of astronomy and physics.  As a teen, she developed an interest in textiles and apparel and graduated early to attend the University of Texas at the age of 16 to study business and fashion design.  After graduating in 1992, she moved to New York City where she ultimately found work in the music business.  She worked at the major record label, BMG Entertainment, as a jazz and special projects publicist where she helped promote the careers of many performing artists including Keith Jarrett, Charles Lloyd and Ravi Coltrane.  In 1996, she had her first encounter with the visual art world by helping to promote the release of acclaimed video artist Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 5 CD Soundtrack.  During this time, she also began focusing on her own creative work, and in 1997 BMG acquired three of her early paintings for their corporate collection - spearheading a shift to pursue her own career as an artist.

In 1997, she also met her husband sculptor Tyler Aiello who convinced her to move to Denver and focus on her artistic pusuits.  Monica attended the Colorado Institute of Art and Metropolitan State College of Denver to continue her visual art studies while the couple renovated a dilapidated warehouse in the now popular Rino Arts District with a dream of developing a full-functioning Art Center.  In 2002, the couple opened the contemporary gallery Studio Aiello which quickly gained award-winning acclaim as one of the most innovative spaces in the region.  In 2003 the couple renovated and opened a second large warehouse, the TarFactory, adjacent to the gallery, which still functions as a sculpture and fabrication facility for area working artists today.

While Monica’s business endeavors were growing, her career as an artist was also expanding, and in 2005, the Aiello family closed the gallery portion of their business – choosing instead to focus on the art making side of their interests.  Since then, Monica’s career as a working artist has exploded on a national level.  She is known for her lush, mixed-media works that blend her deep interest in planetary science with a love for fiber, materials and process.  Her work appears in numerous private and corporate collections nationally, and she has exhibited at the Aspen Art Museum, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and many regional galleries. To create her work, she conducts extensive research with noted planetary scientist involved with NASA’s Voyager, Galileo, Cassini, New Horizons and Magellan missions. This past spring, she was invited by collaborator and planetary scientist Dr. Julie Rathbun to be the Lossett Visiting Professor, co-teaching  a class on art and geology at the University of Redlands. She has always been an active member of the arts community and enjoys fostering the dialog between the arts and sciences through lecturing and teaching.  Her work will be included in the upcoming publication Stars Above, Earth Below – A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks by Dr. Tyler Nordgren.  She is particularly excited to unveil her newest works in an exhibition entitled Frozen:Inferno at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in December 2009, where she will also be teaching in 2010.

Encaustic Painting

2-Day Workshop with Daisy McConnell

Learn the ancient art of painting with Encaustic (Beeswax) medium! Suited for beginners through experienced artists the workshop will cover all the basics of painting with Encaustic, including creating your own encaustic paint, painting and moving the wax around with heat and tools, layering collage elements, drawing into encaustic, metal leafing, photocopy transfers and more! Each participant will be provided with four birch plywood panels and all encaustic materials and tools. There will be a $25 materials fee payable to the instructor on the first day of class. Ages 16-Adult

ENROLLMENT CLOSED: SGA4 McConnell $158 (Members $143)
Sat and Sun 2/27-2/28 10:00am-4:00pm

Daisy McConnellAbout Daisy McConnell
Daisy McConnell has been exhibiting her mixed-media art in Western and Midwestern galleries and art spaces for the past decade, including Smokebrush and Rubbish Galleries in Colorado Springs and EDGE Gallery in Denver. She was born in Italy and raised around the world, the daughter of two artists. A Colorado College graduate, McConnell is currently Assistant to the Curator of the Inter Disciplinary Experimental Arts Program at Colorado College.  She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Patrick, daughter Ruby, and son Jesse.

In her artist statement, McConnell says, "The act of making marks, whether in stone caves or modern studios, is as ancient as our human race. The physicality of creating art in a variety of media connects me to the mortal coil of generations that have come before. My subject matter ranges from organic body systems to feminine frippery, from domestic musings to animal mortality.

"It is the act of carving, scraping, marking, burning, and creating that connects me to an ancient memory.In my work, I use ideas as the catalyst, often writing and incorporating my text into the finished work. I often reference disparate themes within a single piece, reflecting my interest in and research of a wide range of subjects.

"My interest in Encaustic painting has evolved out of years of working in sculpture, printmaking, and mixed-media collage.  This ancient medium combines my love for sculptural textures, etched lines, and richly layered works and allows me a freedom I have not found elsewhere. I work with heavy layers of encaustic (beeswax) medium, collage elements (both found and from my own body of prints), and dry pigments."

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