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May 5 - November 4, 2012 | Blessing Family Gallery

Floyd D. Tunson's Coco (Remix H)
Arthur Dove, Fog Horns 1929. Oil on canvas, 21.5" x 28.5".

From deep in the earth to deep space, the works in this exhibition conjure our capacity to be simultaneously aware of both tangible and perceptual worlds.

The title Convolutions is taken from Herbert Bayer's sequence of seven lithographs that represent the perpetual vigor of elemental forms in nature. In Bayer's work as well as that of the eight other artists in this exhibition, we are drawn to the confluence of the material world with qualities that are intangible and transitory. Time, space, light, memory, and material (both natural and industrial) intersect with and influence the artists' process to suggest universal experiences that are felt as well as seen.

Convolutions includes art from the FAC's permanent collection, showcasing works by Monica Petty Aiello, Herbert Bayer, Larry Bell, Arthur Dove, Oskar Fischinger, Adam Fuss, Isamu Noguchi, Mario Reis, and Cady Wells.

Convolutions is the first exhibition in the Raiding the Crates series. The works for this exhibition were chosen in response to art by James Turrell and Scott Johnson, exhibiting at the FAC July 14 - Sept. 30, 2012.


Raiding the Crates Raiding the Crates is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition series in the Blessing Family Gallery. As a DJ "raids the crates" for classic tunes to mix with new ones, we're doing the same with art from the FAC collection. For this rotating exhibition program, we will follow exciting grooves in the collection and spin new experiences with a spectrum of artists, ideas, styles, and media.
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