• Mary Poppyseed Cupcakes $3.00
  • Salads - $6.00
  • Sandwiches - $5.75
  • Chips - $1.50
  • Potato Salad - $1.25
  • Pasta Salad - $1.25
  • Fresh Fruit - $1.00
  • Muffins, Cookies, Pastries - $2.00
  • Candy - $2.00
  • Coffee - $1.50
  • Chilled drinks - $1.50

Food catered by:

Summit Catering

Fine Arts Center Supporters

Colorado Creative Industries




Wedding Receptions

Amenities at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Our new coffee shop in the airy garden gallery is now open! Enjoy a light snack with a warm beverage or lunch in this casual setting. We're open daily, 10a-3:30p and 5:30-7:30p on Fridays and theatre nights.

Our favorite spaces for weddings and receptions

The airy glass corridor in conjunction with the adjacent courtyard, the intimate café with outdoor patio located in the historic west end of the FAC with views of Pikes Peak and our swanky Deco Lounge which showcases a beautiful blue Chihuly chandelier.

Gallery access can be made available in conjunction with any event, or as an event itself. We can offer special group rates for parties with over 50 people. Exclusive after-hours access is also available.


Coming soon!



Artist Talk and Book Signing!


Coming soon!


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