Mike Laur and Rick Mazzola: Looking Up

Steiner Gallery

Looking Up is an exhilarating site-specific video work created for the Fine Arts Center’s celebration of space exploration.

Laur and Mazzola have created a video installation that will transform the museum’s Steiner Family Gallery into an environment that helps restore our attention to what Laur describes as “a tiny slice of the story that’s been going on for over 14 billion years. Anchored to the Earth by unyielding gravity and the bonds of life, the heavens are where we go to dream, to imagine ourselves far, far away. Looking up, we all understand, yet we know so little.”

Mike Laur has worked as a visual storyteller in a wide variety of media for over 30 years. Rick Mazzola has applied his animation and design skills to the unique needs of government, business and corporate customers for the past 15 years. Laur and Mazzola combine their creative talents at Motion Pixel Lab, based in Colorado Springs.