An Historic Alliance

The Fine Arts Center officially announced an historic alliance with Colorado College that signals the re-envisioning and redefining of both organizations’ contributions to the arts in the region. The partnership supports the missions of both organizations while expanding innovative learning opportunities, arts programming and cultural resources for the greater Colorado Springs community. The goal of the alliance goes beyond merging two existing organizations: It seeks to create something new, ground-breaking and forward-looking.

Message from Fine Arts Center CEO, David Dahlin

August 25, 2016

I am excited to personally share with you the news that we have just completed the agreement formalizing our alliance with Colorado College (CC).

As you have likely read in the news over the past few months, and may have seen in some of my recent messages, the Fine Arts Center (FAC) has been in discussions for the last ten months regarding an alliance with CC. I am pleased to be able to announce the completion of the agreement, and the achievement of this momentous partnership. Forging this collaboration supports the missions of both organizations while expanding innovative learning opportunities, arts programming and cultural resources for the greater Colorado Springs community.

Our Board of Trustees has worked tirelessly to ensure that this alliance will benefit the FAC, CC and the community, without compromising our mission. I am deeply indebted to them for their vision, passion, professionalism and care throughout this process.

Since joining as your CEO in July 2014, I had set my sights on securing long-term sustainability for the FAC. In our long, rich history, the FAC has seen abundance and scarcity, and through the decades has consistently been generously and thoughtfully supported by the citizens of this community. Unlike many other arts institutions across the country, the FAC receives no dependable public funding. This treasured, historic institution has always been championed passionately by the people of our region who care about the arts and want to ensure a vibrant cultural identity for our city. However, without public funding or a large endowment the FAC has been financially vulnerable. We’d been exploring the feasibility of launching an endowment campaign with a goal of raising an additional $20 million when the CC alliance presented itself as a possibility. As we explored this, we realized that this was not only an exciting avenue toward achieving that goal in an even bigger, bolder way than we’d imagined, but it also created exciting new programming opportunities.

As a part of our agreement with CC, our total endowment will be more than tripled by 2020. We’d dreamed (and many thought it was a pipe dream) of garnering an additional $20 million of endowed funds by 2020. I am pleased to announce that because of this alliance we have realized that ambitious goal as of today! Over the next four years we’ll  see a minimum of an additional $10 million in endowed funds restricted to support the FAC mission in perpetuity. This is a game changer for the FAC!

While this certainly places us on a much more sustainable financial footing, we will continue to be an institution for the community and of the community. Your financial support will continue to be a critical part of us being able to achieve excellence in our programming. Even though this is a sizable endowment, it will cover less than half of our annual operating costs. We will still depend on the generosity and involvement of our beloved residents to share in caring for and cherishing this incredible gem for generations to come.

The president of CC, Jill Tiefenthaler, and I share great enthusiasm for what the future holds and the impact we will be able to have together. Like you, Jill knows the FAC is a cultural gem and is excited about the immense possibilities this alliance presents. I am excited that this alliance will create a strong and vibrant future for the FAC that will enable us to thrive and build upon our legacy for another 100 years.

I am gratified to know that so many loyal patrons and community leaders endorse and support this alliance, such as our Mayor John Suthers, philanthropists and visionaries Margot Lane and Kathy Loo, and the president of El Pomar Foundation and the FAC Foundation Board, Thayer Tutt.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you. We will spend the first year focused on planning before implementing any significant changes. We will actively seek community input as we conduct a robust strategic planning process, including listening sessions which will be open to the community.

I expect that you might still have questions. Above you will find the full press release regarding the announcement, as well as Frequently Asked Questions and information about the upcoming public comment sessions.

I would like to express my tremendous gratitude to everyone involved in seeing the agreement for this alliance through to fruition, in particular my Board of Trustees, led by Chair Ron Brasch and Vice-Chair David Kunstle, and the FAC Foundation Board, led by Thayer Tutt.

And my sincere thanks to you for your past, present and future support and participation!

David Dahlin | President & CEO



To submit questions and comments or for more information, visit WWW.COLORADOCOLLEGE.EDU/CSFAC/