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Raiding the Crates is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition series in the Blessing Family Gallery. As a DJ "raids the crates" for classic tunes to mix with new ones, we're doing the same with art from the FAC collection. For this rotating exhibition program, we will follow exciting grooves in the collection and spin new experiences with a spectrum of artists, ideas, styles, and media.


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Matt O'Neill
Matt O'Neill, F.F.A. Sweetheart (detail), 1995, Oil on linen, 36 x 30 inches, CSFAC collection, Gift of the artist, FA 2012.7

Matt O'Neill: Thrift Store Sublime
March 29 - July 13, 2014

“A painter can still go into the studio with an armful of crude materials and like a shaman can summon something up. It’s a type of magic.” —Matt O’Neill, 2014

Since relocating to Colorado from Chicago in the 1980s, Matt O’Neill has remained one of our region's most exciting artists. Naturalistic realism has defined his style for most of the time since and has earned his the high regard of many longtime regional artists, curators, and art critics. Whether portraits of his neighbors in the Five Points area of Denver or of spotty teenagers taken from yearbook photos, O’Neill’s subjects often derive from cultural nostalgia combined with surrealism and humor. In many of his paintings, such as the FAC's F.F.A. Sweetheart, the O'Neill takes a uniquely western subject and renders it through the prism of Picasso’s simultaneous reverence and bizarrely mocking abstraction. This kind of work set O’Neill on a path to some of the more purely abstract works he has focused on for the past decade.


Artist Talk and Book Signing!

Don't miss a rare opportunity to tour the FAC's magnificent exhibition Andrew Beckham: Firmament with the artist himself!

The Fine Arts Center has timed the exhibition to be presented simultaneously with the publishing of a gorgeous new book representing the extensive body of photographs in Firmament.

Beckham will discuss his photographs and career before signing copies of his new book.

Saturday, November 16, 2013
2:00 pm
Copies of Andrew Beckham: Firmament from GFT Publishing are available at the Fine Arts Center box office.

Firmament is a benchmark in Beckham's ongoing consideration of photography's intrinsic capacity to depict physical aspects of the landscape and simultaneously to suggest the presence of mystery and time,” says Blake Milteer, the FAC's Museum Director and Chief Curator.

Three bodies of work constitute Firmament, each with Beckham's recognition of place as a starting point for deeper questions. From One Square-Mile to Twenty-Thousand Square-Miles, to An Incalculable Distance, the title of each portfolio defines a proximal footprint. As if “streaming” a symphonic work in three movements, Beckham begins with a seemingly solitary meander through a backcountry wilderness in the wooded foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of his home. Next, he walks the aggressive openness of the Great Plains in the Sand Hills of Nebraska and introduces human assertion into Firmament by depicting subtle traces of industry in context with the expanse of prairie grasses and big sky. Finally, Beckham interweaves images of historic star charts with his own pictures of various wild landscapes and personal artifacts that, when blended into a seamless composition, represent quietly reflective moments and materials about one's place in the world.

Individually and together, One Square-Mile, Twenty-Thousand Square-Miles, and An Incalculable Distance not only depict Beckham’s recognition and reckoning of the tangible and mysterious layers inherent in every person's life, but they remind us of similar potential and responsibility in our own - the firmament to be found within us and in the places that surround us.

The FAC offers many and diverse opportunities to engage deeper with themes presented in Firmament. From classes and workshops to educational tours to writing reflections, browse some of the options below to dig deeper:

Tours | View a selection of art from this exhibition and share your written thoughts and reflections. Poems or short stories strongly encouraged!

Take a class at the Bemis School of Art | Below are upcoming classes that teach the artistic media reflected in Beckham's work. The Bemis School of Art offers three semesters of classes and workshops in 20 different disciplines taught by professional instructors for students of all ages and abilities.


Coming soon!


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