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Daily 10a-5p
Fridays and theatre nights 10a–7:30p

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Questions? Contact the Box Office at 719.634.5583

Free Daily Tours


Free docent-led tours (with gallery admission) of the FAC galleries are available every day. Tours meet and start at the Box Office; no reservations are required.

Group Tours

Please schedule tours at least two weeks in advance. Be prepared to give us the planned date and time of your tour, number of students, grade levels, teacher names, phone numbers and email addresses. Every eight students must be accompanied by one adult chaperone. Groups with over 50 students receive a free admission for 1 chaperone/teacher for every 8 students.

Contact us at 719.477.4345 or

Bringing a group of 10 or more, but not scheduling a tour? We would still appreciate advance notice of your visit! Please call at least one week ahead: 719.477.4345. Every eight students high school and under must be accompanied by one adult chaperone.

∗ Due to heavy traffic on our Museum Free Day, we are asking that all school groups schedule tours on an alternate day. School groups larger than 15 must schedule a docent-led tour 2 weeks in advance. Please contact the tour coordinator: 719.477.4345

School Tours made possible in part by:

Kirkpatrick Family Fund

H. Chase Stone Trust

Kinder Morgan Foundation

U.S. Bank Foundation

T. Rowe Price Foundation
Colorado Creative Industries



Tours at the FAC

Tour Programs at the FAC
Educational tours and programs for students at all levels.

Enrich the minds and imaginations of your students with the ageless power of art. Download a flyer!

Integrate art and learning in a memorable field trip to the FAC’s galleries of Native American, Hispanic, Latin American, and modern American art, the Tactile Gallery, and world-class special exhibitions. Choose from a variety of activities incorporating Colorado Standards-Based Curriculum. From art class curricula to gallery tours, FAC educational programs follow the State of Colorado Department of Education’s standards. Through visual art, we strive to encourage student creativity and imagination as a strategy for educational success.

Journey into Art

Students learn about world cultures, history, social studies, psychology, and philosophy — and the creative human spirit with an interactive gallery tour led by trained and knowledgeable docents. The tour concludes with an art lesson. Tours and lessons explore the visual components of art including line, shape, color, pattern, texture, composition and content. Grades K and up; two hours long; adapted for age level and available year-round.

Journey into Art Junior

This version of Journey into Art is specially designed to engage and develop young minds with a shorter, 30-minute tour and 45-minute art lesson. Grades pre-K through 1st grade; available year-round.

Journey into Theater

Journey through our galleries with docents on an interactive tour that combines and compares the components of visual arts and drama. Students will view paintings and sculptures to inspire the imagination, and then participate in improvisational drama games based on what they see and feel. They will bring art to life with characters and stories as they learn techniques of storytelling, movement, voice and characterization. The tour includes a visit to the FAC’s SaGaJi Theatre. Tours can be customized. 1 1/2 to 2-hour tour, depending on age.

Journey into Writing

Write poetry inspired by art. Both poetry and art speak to our imaginations through the power of images. This unique tour joins the visual arts with verbal arts in an Ekphrastic writing activity. Docents will lead an in-depth tour through the FAC galleries, discuss the art, and provide writing prompts for students to express their responses. This activity expands the student’s ability to look, communicate and respond in writing to what they see. A variety of poetic forms and structures will be chosen. Grades 2nd through High School; 45-minute museum tour with 30 to 60-minute writing lesson; available year-round.

Journey Into Southwest Art And History

Take a step back in time and make Southwest history come alive while exploring Native American or Hispanic artifacts. Enjoy a stimulating and educational interactive gallery tour focusing on Native American or Hispanic art, culture and history. Create a make and take related art project. Grades 3rd and up; two-hours; available September – May, for groups of 25-75.

Custom Designed Tours

Design a custom tour for your group with a particular focus such as architecture, history, or in-depth art awareness. Other options may include tours designed for individuals living with special needs students (especially in the Tactile Gallery) and tours in French, German or Spanish.

Off The Wall: Passport to Art

April 6 – 17, 2015

Art comes to life with interactive Museum Theatre at the Fine Arts Center! Students in grades K-8 will create passports documenting their travels through art and drama in the FAC galleries. Read more.

Custom Designed Tours

Plan a custom tour for your individual group focusing on specific curriculum studies such as history, foreign languages, or in-depth art awareness. Other custom options may include tours designed for special needs students (especially in the Tactile Gallery), tours in Spanish, or a one-hour art lesson only (no museum tour).

Bridging Memories Tours for individuals living with dementia

Bridging Memories tours are available for small groups of individuals with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. The concept and training came through a program developed by the Museum of Moden Art (MoMA) as part of their Community and Access Programs. Download a flyer here.

Trained by the designer of MoMA’s original Alzheimer’s Project, the FAC docents build an accepting environment to engage participants interpreting museum pieces and creating connections. This tour provides mental stimulation and cognitive exercise for individuals with Alzheimer’s, as well as a forum for the exploration and exchange of ideas without relying on short-term memory. Be prepared for lively conversations!

To schedule a tour, call 719.475.2444 or email at least two weeks in advance.

Adult Group Tours

We offer custom designed tours for all adult groups, including clubs, service organizations, church groups, etc.
To schedule a tour, call 719.475.2444 or email at least two weeks in advance.

Free Weekend Tours

Free docent-led tours (with gallery admission) of the Fine Arts Center galleries are available every Saturday and Sunday; tours start at the Box Office at 12p No reservations are required.

The Fine Arts Center Docents are a group of dedicated volunteers trained in the Fine Arts Center’s history, architecture, permanent collection, exhibitions and theatre. The docents lead tours for visitors of all ages and work closely with FAC curators to be knowledgeable on all current exhibits in both the special exhibition and permanent collection galleries.

School tour programs for K-12th grade students include Indian artifact activities, theatre tours, “Journey into Art,” (which provides an art lesson along with the museum visit), and custom-designed tours to supplement curriculum studies or for students with special needs. Docents also enjoy sharing the FAC's beautiful tactile gallery where children can freely touch the sculptures.

Resources for Docents >>

We want you to have a great time when you visit the Fine Arts Center and learn about our art museum, theatre company, and art school. Below are rules that we all have to follow:

  • Walk, don’t run. No shoving, horseplay, or dancing.
  • Talk softly and respect other people in the galleries.
  • Respect the artwork by not touching. Give the artwork at least an arm’s length of breathing room.  If thousands of people touch a work of art, the oils from their hands will discolor or destroy the surface of the artwork, and eventually it will wear down or break. Also keep from touching pedestals or walls.
  • Rather than pointing your finger or pencil at the art, try to describe the things you want someone to look at. If you lose your balance or someone bumps you, your finger or pencil can damage the art.
  • Leave food, gum, or drinks in the coat check room or in the garbage.
  • Leave all backpacks and large bags in the coat check room by the lobby.
  • Photographs: you can take photographs of art on the First Floor, but not the Second Floor. If you do take photographs, always make sure your flash is off because your flash can damage the art.
  • If you have a music player and earphones, please turn it off.
  • Please, no talking on cell phones in the galleries, and please turn off your ringers – other people in the museum are here to have a quiet experience with the art.
  • You are allowed to sketch or write in your notebook while in the galleries, but only with pencil, never with ink pen.
  • Stay with the group or with your adult chaperone.

Teachers and chaperones, we would like to ask for your help throughout the tour to remind any student of the rules if necessary. 

Remember, an art museum is not like a park or a playground, and you have to remember these special rules. Why? Because you’re helping the museum protect and preserve the art for the rest of our visitors and for the future. Artists put a lot of work and time into their art and we want it to be around forever.

Thank you!

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