Taste at the FAC

PRE-THEATRE DINING UPDATE (March 28, 2017):  Our valued patrons – We appreciate your patience as we work to finalize details surrounding our dining experience in our new alliance with Colorado College. While our restaurant is not currently open or accepting future reservations, we look forward to sharing updates with you as they become available. We hope to welcome you back for pre-theatre dining soon! Until then, we encourage you to support the myriad of delicious downtown dining options available just a short drive away. EXPLORE DOWNTOWN DINING

Bar Menu

Red Grapes

Taste options: Glass $5 | Bottle $32
Deco Lounge options:
Curious Pour $5 (3oz) | Serious Pour $8 (6oz)

Matthew Fritz | 2014 Pinot Noir
Carneros, California

Dry and light with hints of strawberry, rhubarb and violet
Inspired by: Architects John Gaw Meem and David Owen Tryba. This wine is created by two powerhouse winemakers; this building was created, then expanded by two powerhouse architects

Monte Vehlo | 2014 Aragonez, Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional, Syrah
Alentejo, Portugal

Dry and soft with hints of red cherry, dark berry fruits, pepper and earth
Inspired by: The of weaving cultural vitality throughout FAC programs. The label is symbolic of works currently found in the Blessing Family Gallery

HobNob | 2014 Merlot
St. Helena, California

Dry and soft with hints of black-currant, ripe plum, blackberry, mint and licorice
Inspired by: HobNob refers to people drinking to one another, clinking glasses, rubbing elbows, celebrating various moments and milestones … seems appropriately placed here, yes?

Paccamora | 2015 Nero D’ Avola
Central Sicily, Italy

Dry with hints of Sicilian roses, cherry, plum and a hint of white pepper
Inspired by: The fierce beauty of the grounds and our region. Similar to the FAC, the Nero D’Avola grape thrives in a region known for its beauty and climate

Rodney Strong Vineyards | 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
Sonoma County, California

Dry with hints of dark cherry, plum, baking spices, crushed violet and black pepper
Inspired by: Martha Graham’s modern dance performance launching the FAC in 1936. Rodney Strong, a celebrated dancer, moved to Sonoma to pursue his second passion … winemaking

Line 39 | 2014 Petite Sirah
Sonoma County, California

Dry and smooth with hints of red and black fruits, blueberry, plum and oak
Inspired by: Line 39 refers to the 39th parallel location of the vineyard … Colorado Springs is 38.8339° N

White Grapes

Taste options: Glass: $5 | Bottle: $32
Deco Lounge options:
Curious Pour $5 (3oz) | Serious Pour $8 (6oz)

Pavan Dolce | N/V Muscato
Veneto, Italy

Sweet and light with hints of green apple, melon and sweet orange blossom
Inspired by: The sweet gift that was the Penrose’s property that became the Broadmoor Art Academy in 1919

Montinore Estate | 2015 Pinot Gris
Willamette, Oregon

Off dry and light with hints of stone and citrus fruits with a lingering tropical note
Inspired by: The roots of the FAC in the Colorado Springs community

Granbazán | 2015 Albariño
Galicia, Spain

Dry and crisp with hints of white flowers, apple, pear and mineral
Inspired by: The Chihuly Chandelier by Dale Chihuly. Crisp, clean, vibrant, and literally “formal” in its arrival

St Lannes | 2014 Colombard,
Gros-Menseng, Ugni Blanc
Côtes de Gascogne, France

Dry and crisp with hints of citrus and tropical fruit flavors; bright, mineral, elegant
Inspired by: The Saint Catherine of Bologna, patron saint of the arts

The Den | 2015 Chenin Blanc
Swartland, South Africa

Dry and full with hints of melon and pear with the distinctive of South Africa
Inspired by: The arts education of the FAC Painted Wolf Wines is an advocate for protection of the endangered African Painted Wolf and a portion of all sales help fund education and conservation efforts

Silver Palm | 2014 Chardonnay
North Coast, California

Dry and full with hints of apple blossom, peach, pear with a kiss of minerality and oak
Inspired by: The 950 pound sunflower chandelier of aluminum and opaque glass by Palmer Hargrave of Los Angeles. This wine is fermented in stainless steel … something to contemplate as you sip

Rosé Grapes

Taste options: Glass: $5 | Bottle: $36
Deco Lounge options:
Curious Pour $5 (3oz) | Serious Pour $8 (6oz)

Cune Rosado | 2015 Tempranillo
Rioja, Spain

Dry & fruit forward with hints of strawberry, cherry, orange peel, rhubarb and a floral lift.
Inspired by: the complex and surprising character that was Alice Bemis Taylor.  History whispers say that Mrs. Taylor enjoyed privately sipping a cocktail from her office balcony while listening to live music in the park below.

Sparkling Grapes

Taste options: Glass: $5 | Bottle: $36
Deco Lounge options:
Curious Pour $5 (3oz) | Serious Pour $8 (6oz)

Riondo Spago Nero
N/V Prosecco
Veneto, Italy

Light and fruit forward with hints of apple, pear and white flowers
Inspired by: The steel and metal in the FAC. Prosecco is made with 100% Glera grapes and the bubbles are from a second fermentation in steel tanks, rather than the bottle

Flegenheimer Bros: Out of the Park
N/V Sparkling Shiraz
South Australia

Dry & fruit forward with hints of rich berry, dark cherries, green tobacco and oak
Inspired by: Something a little unexpected

Crafted Cocktails

— $9 —

Blue Sapphire

Featuring: Gin
Mingling with: fresh lemon, hand-made blue rosemary lemon simple syrup, and a kiss of gold
Inspired by: Gilded Blue Sapphire by Dale Chihuly


Featuring: Vodka
Mingling with: Creme de Violette, hand-made rosemary simple syrup, and a kiss of lemon
Inspired by: Dark Iris No. 1 by Georgia O’Keeffe

St Genesis

Featuring: Bourbon
Mingling with: St Germaine and peach bitters
Inspired by: April 20-25, 1936 ~ The FAC’s opening week; a little twist of cultural surprise in the still new post-prohibition era

Mai Tai

Featuring: Rum
Mingling with: fresh orange and lime, cherry, and a kiss of almond
Inspired by: 1967 and the Colorado Springs Debutante Ball Committee

French 75

Featuring: Prosecco
Mingling with: lavender gin and a hint of citrus
Honoring: The FAC building; a solid community gem of concrete and steel

Spicy Margarita

Featuring: Tequila
Mingling with: Serrano infused agave and orange
Honoring: In the 1940s, the Margarita was born … AND the FAC building was making architectural history


Well Cocktails & Curious Single Sips $5
Serious Double Sips $7
Call Cocktail $8


Bombay Sapphire
Lee Spirits Dry
Lee Spirits Lavender


Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Dancing Pines Oak Cast
Myer’s Dark


Jose Cuervo Gold
Mexico de Sol Blanco
Mexico del Sol Reposado
Mexico del Sol Anejo


Kettle One


Crown Royal
Glenfiddich 12 Year
Jack Daniels
Jim Beam
Johnny Walker Red
Maker’s Mark
Rocky Mountain Gold Rye


— Craft $6 —

Crispin | Hard Cider
Colfax, California

Clean and crisp with hints of green apple, clean and bright citrus notes of lemon and lime
5% ABV, Certified Gluten-Free

Summer Sunset | Peach Hard Cider
Talbott’s Cider | Palisade, Colorado

Clean & slightly sweet with a punch of Palisade peach and a gentle reminder of summer time.
6% ABV, Certified Gluten-Free

Stella Artois | Belgian Lager
Lueven, Belgium

Light and refreshing semi-sweet, malty, citrusy and crisp
5% ABV; 30 IBUs

Dale’s | Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Brewery | Lyons, Colorado

Delivers a hoppy nose and assertive, but balanced flavors of pale malts and citrusy floral hops from start to finish
6.5% ABV; 65 IBUs

90 Shilling | Scottish Ale
Odell Brewing Co. | Fort Collins, Colorado

Begins with burnt caramel and toffee notes, followed by biscuit malt, apple, plum with earthy, and herbal hops
5.3% ABV; 32 IBUs

Ranger | India Pale Ale
New Belgium Brewing | Fort Collins, Colorado

Bursts with an abundance of hops offering citrus, floral and fruity notes
6.5% ABV; 70 IBUs

Guinness (Nitro) | Irish Stout
St. James’s Gate Brewery | Dublin, Ireland

Offers a nice bite of dark chocolate with a hint of coffee and malted caramel notes
4.2% ABV; 40 IBUs

— Domestic: $4 —

Coors Banquet | Pilsner
Coors Brewing Company | Golden, Colorado

Because sometimes a classic born in 1873 is just right
5% ABV

Coors Light | Pilsner
Coors Brewing Company | Golden, Colorado

Because sometimes a lighter choice born in 1978 is just right
4.2% ABV

O’Douls Amber | Non-Alcoholic
Anheuser-Busch | Missouri, USA

A full-bodied, non-alcoholic malt beverage offering a mild, sweet taste with a slight hop finish