Everyday Extraordinary: From Rembrandt to Warhol


Drs. Morton and Tobia Mower have spent 20 years assembling an enviable collection of fine art that rivals those of significant private institutions. The Mowers’ passion began with the purchase of a sweetly intimate Renoir Odalesque following the enormous professional success of Dr. Morton Mower, who patented his invention of the automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator in 1985. This first acquisition, initially considered to be a financial investment by these “accidental collectors,” sparked a desire for collecting fine art. The Mowers still own the Renoir, but have augmented their holdings with nearly two hundred Rembrandt etchings, scores of Impressionist paintings and prints, as well as a handful of Modern and Pop works.

This exhibition encompasses their tremendous private collection nearly in its entirety. Although highlights or thematic selections have been presented regularly, thanks to the generosity of the collectors, this exhibition offers a rare opportunity to experience the vision of the collection holistically. Though the works and artists may seem disparate upon cursory examination, themes of everyday occurrences and common people connect many of the objects, spanning centuries and media, unifying the past with our contemporary human experience.

Open Today 10 - 5
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