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Down the Surrealist Rabbit-hole

As a well-loved Colorado Springs cultural institution, we are very lucky here at the FAC to receive frequent gifts of beautiful and unique artwork to our collection. One such gem is a portfolio by Salvador Dali, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a gift of Tim and Lorie Hoiles in honor of […]

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What America Can Learn From Frank Mechau

Frank Mechau was the son of a barber, raised amidst the mountains of western Colorado. He was well-liked by all in his small town – an acknowledged leader among his peers, an eager student who read widely, and a superb athlete with particularly impressive skills in the boxing ring. But […]

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Artists Get Deeper Into “Continuance”

h: Charles Parson Co: Collin Parson S: Sean O’Meallie J: Joy Armstrong B: Blake Milteer S: The conversation we’re having right now comes from a fine tradition. So much great art and many stories have come from people like us gathering and just having conversations and throwing out ideas and […]

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