Why should I make a donation to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College?

During uneasy economic times, people are often less likely to support the arts. But the Fine Arts Center needs your annual fund donation more than ever. We remain committed to providing arts education to children and adults through the Bemis School of Art, offering a full season of outstanding theatre and presenting world-class art exhibitions. This is only possible through the support of individuals like you!

I’m a member – isn’t that enough?
Being a member is a great start, but membership dues make up just 6% of the FAC’s revenue budget. We need your donation to enable us to continue bringing quality programming to Colorado Springs.

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Help the Fine Arts Center reach even greater heights by making a gift to the Annual Fund.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s 100% tax-deductible!  Make your gift today by giving extra with your annual membership payment, giving in response to an appeal, establishing monthly or quarterly fund transfers or credit card charges, making a gift in stock, or donating online.

Director's Circle

Director's Circle

As a member of Director's Circle, you’ll join the most exclusive giving club at the Fine Arts Center, with special access to VIP events and behind-the-scenes programming. We rely on your support to create a vibrant local arts community. Director's Circle dues are eligible for special tax credits for Colorado residents through the Enterprise Zone (see below.)

Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts

Many companies match $1 for $1, or even $2 for $1, for the gifts that employees make to nonprofit organizations. Some even give financial donations to match volunteer time by employees. Ask your human resource department for the matching gift policy of your place of employment, then submit their required paperwork along with your donation to make your gift go even further.

To learn more about any of these giving opportunities, call (719) 477-4361.

Support the FAC through the Enterprise Tax Zone

Why Use the Enterprise Zone?


Colorado State’s Enterprise Zone legislation permits a 25% tax credit, with an annual credit limit of $100,000, for Colorado taxpayers who make unrestricted cash contributions of $250 or more to the FAC. In-kind and stock contributions receive a 12.5% tax credit.

Click here to see how a contribution of $1,000 may impact your federal and state tax liabilities and lessen the out-of pocket cost of your donation. Table is for illustration purposes only—individual situations may be different.

To make an eligible donation:

  • Make your check payable to El Paso County Enterprise Zone
  • On the memo line write FAC and include the last 4 digits of your SS#
  • Drop off or mail your check to the
    Fine Arts Center
    Attn: Development Department
    30 W Dale St
    Colorado Springs, CO  80903

We will fill out the necessary forms, submit the paperwork, and ensure that you receive your tax credit certificate from the Enterprise Zone. Please call (719) 477-4361 with questions.

About the Enterprise Zone
The Enterprise Zone Program is a tax incentive to encourage job growth and contributions in our area. In December 2004, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade approved the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center to be an Enterprise Zone Project.

Please contact your tax advisor to determine if this program is right for you.

One-time Donation

One-time Donation

Donate Now
Recurring Donation

Recurring Donation

Director's Circle

Director's Circle

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In-Kind Needs

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center relies on donated goods and services to enhance and promote our services to the community. Receiving items through donations continues to keep the FAC operating budget as low as possible and all in-kind donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for continuing to support the FAC through your generous giving!

The following is a list of our current needs –

Microsoft Computers:
• Windows 7 or newer
• 8GB operating Ram
• Core i5 processor or larger

Apple Products:
• All desktops and laptops 2009 or newer
• Generation 2 or newer iPads

Other Goods and Equipment:
• Conference tables (large and small)
• Conference table chairs
• Good quality desk chairs
• Art Deco style furniture
• Baby grand piano for use during events and performances
• Wheel chairs for patron services
• Flat screen TV/monitor for presentations and event usage
• Projector
• Screen
• Portable sound system
• Heavy duty extension cords
• Paint
• Easels
• Carts
• Office supplies

Volunteer Professional Services:
• Painters
• Electricians
• Plasterers
• Handy man services
• Vinyl cutters

Open Today 10 - 7:30
(719) 634-5581