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The Art of Haiti: Loas, History, and Memory

The Art of Haiti: Loas, History, and Memory is a major exhibition which explores the contemporary significance of Haitian art. Working in collaboration with the Centre d’Art in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the Fine Arts Center will present paintings by some of Haiti’s major 20th century artists. The exhibition will also feature […]

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Ralph Allen

Born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti in 1952, is an accomplished Haitian artist whose work spans murals and painting. Committed to an artistic practice of public art, he has created many murals. Late 20th-century politics haunts his work and he returns often to the terror of the Duvalier period. Allen does not […]

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Chiho Aoshima

This exhibition presents two videos by Japanese artist Chiho Aoshima – Takaamanohara and City Glow. Drawing from traditional Japanese Shinto mythology and contemporary Anime films, these immersive, highly detailed video works invite the viewer into another world. The title of Aoshima’s large-scale video Takaamanohara, The Plain of High Heaven, refers […]

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Yoshitomo Saito

Born in Tokyo, Japan but residing in the United States since 1983, Yoshitomo Saito finds inspiration in the minutia of the natural world, drawing out details of the environment surrounding us and elements of everyday experiences that most would miss or take for granted. In 2006, Saito moved to the […]

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Adolf Dehn and the American Land

An installment in the FAC Legacy Series, this exhibition will feature modernist Adolf Dehn, an important figure in the history of the FAC and who taught at the Broadmoor Art Academy in the 1930s. Equally well known for landscapes and cityscapes, Dehn was an extensive national and international traveler and […]

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