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Under the Big Top

Captivating audiences of all ages for two centuries, the spectacle of the circus has also inspired visual artists to capture the sensational experience that transcends language and nationality. Animals, acrobats, clowns, and enthralled spectators are all depicted in their graceful, comedic, and death-defying glory through diverse media by internationally renowned […]

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Salvador Dalí

This exhibition features an exquisite group of Salvador Dalí woodblock prints, recently accessioned into the FAC’s permanent collection. These woodblock prints feature depictions of chapters from Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Salvador Dalí’s Divine Comedy series was originally commissioned in the early 1950s by the Italian government to celebrate the 700th […]

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FAC Legacy Series: Frank Mechau

Frank Mechau (1904–1946) is among the greatest artists associated with the early 20th century development of Colorado art. Mechau commanded national renown through his vision and virtuosity as an artist, as well as his influence as a teacher. Mechau was a tremendously significant presence in Colorado Springs during the 1930s. […]

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Gary Emrich: Promise

A Colorado-based artist, whose work combines photography and film, often incorporating found objects and imagery. His work is elegant, playful, and often humorous, drawing from icons of the historic West, early space exploration, and personal experiences. This exhibition will center around a video instillation titled Contact. Emrich filmed honeybees in […]

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Collections Surréaliste

Collections Surrealiste features three paintings by René Magritte, and works on paper by other significant European artists including Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Kay Sage, Herbert Bayer, and Roberto Matta.

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