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Colorado Springs Debutante Ball Committee Acquisitions

For half a century, the Colorado Springs Debutante Ball has been committed to the recognition of young women and their families, providing them with a year of meaningful experiences and culminating with an event befitting the grandeur of this tradition. Since the first Ball, held in December of 1967, the […]

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Photographer Aaron Anderson captures the pride, dignity and beauty of those experiencing homelessness in Colorado Springs in a series of photos that will challenge the way you think about this marginalized group of people. With this exhibition, we hope to move a marginalized group of people from the periphery into […]

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A Reservoir of Occurrences

Stephen Batura has become well-known as a Colorado artist whose subject matter has remained close to home. His exquisite paintings are based upon the historical images of little-known Denver photographer Charles Lillybridge. His limited-palette paintings reflect the black-and-white source photographs, yet Batura alters the original images in order to economize […]

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All New Women

This innovative exhibition pairs the esteemed portraiture of John Singer Sargent with provocative self-portrait photographs by contemporary artist Cindy Sherman, whose Society Portraits depict her as a number of aging women of means. Sherman is one of the most important living artists in the United States, and her work has […]

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Under the Big Top

Captivating audiences of all ages for two centuries, the spectacle of the circus has also inspired visual artists to capture the sensational experience that transcends language and nationality. Animals, acrobats, clowns, and enthralled spectators are all depicted in their graceful, comedic, and death-defying glory through diverse media by internationally renowned […]

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