Robert Delfeld

Meet Our April Member of the Month: Robert Delfeld

Member for 1 year

Why did you become a member of the Fine Arts Center?
We had a family membership when I was younger, and I have fond memories of attending summer art classes and theatre performances as a kid. When I was unable to attend my freshman year of college due to health issues, I applied for an internship here at the Fine Arts Center. It has been a tremendous experience to immerse myself in the arts – one that evokes the nostalgia of the past and one that I hope to continue in college and beyond.

When did your interest in the arts begin?
I echo Picasso – “All children are born artists, the key is to remain so as one gets older.” I think that I, like all children, loved art – humans are creators by nature. It puzzles me that as students get older, education in the arts is discouraged as “impractical.” I think that I fell into that line of thought – one of my deepest regrets about high school is that I never took an art class. Nonetheless, I’m glad the spark didn’t leave me entirely – I firmly intend to remain an artist of some kind as I get older.

What has been one of your favorite experiences at the Fine Arts Center?
My favorite exhibition has been the FAC Legacy Series: Frank Mechau that is on display now. In doing research as an intern for the Communications Department, I fell in love with his story and what he stood for as an artist. His compositions bridge gaps between seemingly opposite styles, and the sense of motion he is able to convey in a still painting is astounding. I also was privileged to have an opportunity to speak with Mechau’s children. Since then, that gallery has come alive for me in a way I can’t explain.

What is your favorite work of art at the FAC?
In many ways, my favorite work of art here is the Fine Arts Center building itself. Like Mechau bridged styles in his works, John Gaw Meem blended the popular Art Deco style of his time with traditional Southwestern architecture to create a truly revolutionary design. The more recent renovation further enhances the unique gravitas of the architecture.

What else do you like to do for fun in Colorado Springs?
We are all incredibly lucky to live in a place with such natural beauty. I enjoy running – I ran track in high school and will do so in college. Our family also loves walking and hiking in our parks and mountains.


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