Talented in Art

The goal of the Talented in Art program, a collaboration of more than 25 years between Bemis School of Art and School District 11, is to challenge and accelerate advanced art students in grades 3-5 and is intended to develop the student’s academic potential and to excel them in art with an in-depth comprehensive understanding of visual arts.

Talented in Art Program

All courses are designed to include lectures, interactive projects as well as visits to the Fine Arts Center galleries. The Colorado State Content Standards will be applied to the Talented in Art program. To participate in the Talented in Art program, your student/child must be between grades 3-5 and be nominated by a District 11 teacher. If you are interested in this program for your child please contact your child’s teacher or principal.


Art Class

Class choices

B1 Introduction to Mixed Media

Instructor:  Jillian Murphy
Class will be held 3:45-5:15p
8 weeks, begins Monday, October 2 ends November 27, 2017
No class: November 20, Thanksgiving Break

B4 Art Around the World

Instructor: Kristin Byrd
Class will be held 3:45-5:15p.
8 weeks, begins Wednesday, October 4 ends November 29, 2017
No class: November 22, Thanksgiving Break

B5 Art & Design

Instructor: Erin Gillespie
Class will be held 3:45-5:15p.
8 weeks, begins Thursday, October 5 ends November 30, 2017
No class: November 23 Thanksgiving Break

B6 Art of Photography

Instructor: Lindsay Deen
Class will be held: 3:45-5:15p
8 weeks, begins Friday, October 6 ends December 1, 2017
No class: November 24, Thanksgiving Break