Journey into Art

Journey into Art tours recognize and apply the visual components of art through discussion, question and answer sessions, and critical thinking activities. Building on ideas through inquiry and discovery, Journey in Art tours help prepare students to be lifelong learners. Participation in visual arts provides students with unique skills and experiences that develop important traits for the 21st century.


The Journey Into Art program consists of a 45-minute docent guided interactive gallery tour. The material covered depends on the age and developmental level of the group. During this docent-led tour students engage in collaborative question and answer sessions that enhance visual literacy skills as well as utilizing reasoning skills to encourage students explain their answers.

The docent-led tour addresses the 21st century skills and Visual Arts standards.

“Thank you for the thoughtful and informative tour — so many connections were made to our study of art appreciation.” –Teacher

Journey Into Art tour

Schedule a Tour

Requests for group tours must be submitted 15 business days in advance of the requested tour date. Dates are subject to availability. Be prepared to give us the planned date and time of your tour, number of students, grade levels, teacher names, phone numbers and email addresses. Every eight students must be accompanied by one adult chaperone.

Tour Inquiry Form

All tours utilize volunteer docents and staff with significant training and experience with students of all ages. Tours use interactive methods of learning which includes inquiry, discussion, critical thinking and strengthening of visual literacy.

Please keep in mind that due to logistical constraints, not all tour groups will see exactly the same art works and due to schedule constraints tour groups will focus on a limited selection of art works during their gallery tour. It is also possible, due to the nature of the museum that there may be some visible nudity in certain works of art.

Contact if you have questions.

Teacher Feedback

“The volunteers are so professional, knowledgeable, and passionate! This is the most organized and educational field trip I have been on as a teacher or parent. Thank you!”

“The tour guide had a lot of knowledge about the work. She asked questions that made the students think. The cards with the elements of art was a great idea to help them remember.”

“The tour guide talked about different forms of art and asked the children questions to encourage thinking. The art lesson was great too!”