Journey into Writing

Journey into Writing tours incorporate long looks at artwork and enhance visual literacy through ekphrastic writing. Why include ekphrastic writing in your FAC tour? Writing is an active experience. To write about a piece of art means spending some time with it and articulating a personal response, increasing critical thinking and communication skills.

Writing about art addresses the 21st century skills and readiness competencies in Visual Arts as outlined in the Colorado Department of Education standards.

Examples of poems created by students:

Free verse poetry inspired by Chagoya’s UNTITLED

(written by a High School junior)
The warm feel of blood stained oceans.
The stench of  sweat trickling down angry faces.
The ear-shattering sound of gunfire.
The horrifying sight of Art.
The bloody fingerprints brushed across the canvas.
The ever so gentle look of innocence in her eyes.
The comical Red Native.
Why does he look at me?

An “I AM” Poem about Houser’s SACRED RAIN ARROW

(written by a 4th grader)
I am an Apache warrior
I watch the gathering clouds
I fire my arrow high
I want the rain gods to feel it
I hope for lightning, thunder and rain
I am an Apache warrior

An  “I AM” Poem about Forsman’s NATIVE LAND

(written by a 2nd grader)
I am the flowing water
I think that I am colorful
I see things looking at me
I worry that they will fall into me
I am the flowing water

A Cinquain Poem about GLACIAL RAIN by Fernandez-Pol

(written by an 8th grader)
Bumpy and colorful
Dizzying, scary, disturbing
Forces fear into me

“I like how easy you make it for everyone to write poems.” –Teacher


Journey Into Writing

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Requests for group tours must be submitted 15 business days in advance of the requested tour date. Dates are subject to availability. Be prepared to give us the planned date and time of your tour, number of students, grade levels, teacher names, phone numbers and email addresses. Every eight students must be accompanied by one adult chaperone. Groups with 10 or more students receive a free admission for 1 chaperone/teacher for every eight students.

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All tours utilize volunteer docents and staff with significant training and experience with students of all ages. Tours use interactive methods of learning which includes inquiry, discussion, critical thinking and strengthening of visual literacy.

Please keep in mind that due to logistical constraints, not all tour groups will see exactly the same art works and due to schedule constraints tour groups will focus on a limited selection of art works during their gallery tour. It is also possible, due to the nature of the museum that there may be some visible nudity in certain works of art.

Contact if you have questions.

Teacher Feedback

“As a teacher of language arts and visual arts, I have to tell you that the “poetry slam” with the “I Am” poems was powerfully effective, drawing out all children and producing great observation and fantastic poetic results. Well done!”

“Great job! Thank you for incorporating our language arts lessons on parts of speech. It encourages students to expand vocabulary.”