Visitor Tips & guidelines

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Fine Arts Center. Below you will find a few tips and guidelines on how best to enjoy the art, respect the art and show courtesy to other visitors.


We hope you have a wonderful experience!

Enjoy the Art.

  • Can you take photographs in the art galleries? Absolutely! Photography without a flash is permitted (and encouraged) in the first floor galleries that feature Art from our permanent collection. We love to see visitors sharing their experiences on social media, so be sure and hashtag #CSFAC when you post. Important: Due to copyright permissions, the artwork in all of our second floor galleries cannot be photographed, thank you for respecting the artists and owners of these collections.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk. We love to hear people sharing experiences and discussing the artwork, just try and keep it at a volume that doesn’t interfere with the experience of other visitors.

Respect and Protect the Art

  • The art in our galleries loves to be looked at but please don’t touch. Did you know the oil from your hands can actually discolor or destroy artwork? One very delightful exception to this rule would be your exploration of our Tactile Gallery near the main entry, where touching the art is not only allowed but encouraged. Don’t miss it!
  • Please be sure to dispose of, or leave at coat check, all food, beverage, gum, candy, etc. to help protect the art.
  • If part of your personal journey of the galleries might include taking notes, sketching, journaling, etc., we ask that you use only pencils. We want to be sure and avoid any potential transfer of ink to the artwork. If you don’t have a pencil with you just ask our front desk, they’d be happy to loan you one.

Make it a great experience for everyone!

  • Be respectful of others enjoying the galleries by remembering to talk softly and silence your digital devices.
  • Thank you for never running or taking part in horseplay in the galleries.

Parents, teachers and chaperones – thank you for your help in reminding younger museum explorers of the guidelines above and always keeping them close to your group.

We sincerely appreciate you doing your part to help the museum protect and preserve the art for the rest of our visitors and for the future.

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